Our very first aunty joke

Sorry Aunty ji, this is the first of the many jokes NRIinOz.com will have with you featured. Love you to the core, but life would be so blah without your antics!

k What is the one thing Indian aunties cannot live without- GOLD (and the same applies to Bappi Lahri too)

How to make a Hindi Tv Serial / Series

If you or your relatives have watched even 5 episodes of a Hindi tv series, you can see how erratic the story lines are.

I am sure those who watch Hindi TV series can relate to this.

So here is what Babli from NRIinOz thinks- ANYONE can make a hindi tv series by choosing any of the following in any order and repeat anytime:

-Punar Janam (Re-birth)

-Memory Loss

-Plastic surgery (especially helpful when they want to kick out an actor)

-Marry the lead

-Divorce the lead

-Still love the one you divorced, yet marry someone else, remarry the lead

-The mother in law hates you and makes your life miserable so you divorce the lead again

*Proudly presented to you by NRIinOz.com*


We women get pms only once a month, but Men are so unpredictable, their PMS can strike anytime

Don’t you think men suffer from PMS all year round? And they say we women are emotional- have they looked at themselves? NriInOz.com

My favourite Song


This is my absolutely favourite song for the Monday Blues. Hafte mein chaar shanivaar hone chaiye- it means there should be 4 Saturdays in a week! And I’d surely love that for Sunday too 😉