Challenge of an Indian, whether you are a teen or a 30 year old

Babli knows: For non-desi (non Indians), it is normal to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. For Desi(s), it is like having a top- secret undercover operation.

Our very first aunty joke

Sorry Aunty ji, this is the first of the many jokes will have with you featured. Love you to the core, but life would be so blah without your antics!

k What is the one thing Indian aunties cannot live without- GOLD (and the same applies to Bappi Lahri too)

My favourite Song


This is my absolutely favourite song that probably everyone would agree should come true. Hafte mein chaar shanivaar hone chaiye- it means there should be 4 Saturdays in a week! And I’d surely love that for Sunday too 😉