Mumbai born and raised in the Middle East (Bahrain and Dubai), I plan to spend the remaining of my life in Australia. I am what they can a NRI (Non Resident Indian). ‘NRI in Oz’ is my way to share my mostly humorous observations about the amusing khichdi (congee) of a life we live. Say hello to ‘Babli’ my alter ego, who says things I dare not say in real life.


Sandwiched between the Indian traditions and the Western ways, Babli mostly speaks Hinglish, that is a combination of Hindi and English, so several of the posts may contain traces of Hinglish. Btw, I must love food, I have already mentioned khichdi and sandwich 😉

Feel free to share the ‘NRI in Oz’ posts via facebook, twitter, any social media, whatsapp and the like, as long as it is attributed to NriInOz.com and not shared claiming otherwise.

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