Slangs of Australia, no “Aussie”. Introducing: Brekkie

Australia has slangs or short forms or abbreviations of everything under the sun! It doesn’t spare anyone from humans to animals to things. Jonathan and John become Jono or Jon, Daniel becomes Dan, Jacob becomes Jay, Brittany becomes Brit, Matthew becomes Matt(my colleague kindly told me my colleague is NOT called Mat, as in floor Mat, its Matt with a double t) and so on. I am not sure if this name butchery is out of affection or for convenience or perhaps just out of habit. is starting a series of posts dedicated to Australia’s obsession with short forms calling it the ‘Aussie slang series.’ Here goes our first one- Brekkie. Not referring to breaking anything, rather it is short for Breakfast.

Babli would also like to share her observations of favourite Aussie breakfasts:

  • Vegemite – How someone can like it is quite beyond my understanding. It’s an acquired taste. For badla, I nominate our beloved Chavanprash! I am sure the reaction of someone eating either Vegemite or Chavanprash for the first time will be quite the same.
  • Banana Bread – Australia loves their banana bread. It is everywhere! Mind you though, it is not bread. It’s a cake in the shape of a bread.
  • Toast -Coming from Dubai, where you get amazing breakfast from cheap and healthy idli and dosa, to fancy high end blueberry pancakes or huge breakfast plates; when you see every other cafe selling ‘toast’ its quite ummm I guess disappointing. But Babli often grabs the sour dough or turkish bread for $3-4 when you can buy a whole loaf for that much. And coffee…how could I forget the coffee culture?

Signing off until the next time we bring you another Aussie slang.

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