Indian Relatives’ all time Favourite Questions

Love them or hate them, your overly nosy desi relatives are here to stay! I don’t quite get their fascination with marriages and kids of others – don’t they have anything better to do?

All time favourite questions of Indian relatives once you are marriage-able age:

  • If you are single- When will you get married?
  • When you get married- When will you have children?
  • If you have 1 child- When will you have your second child?

No wonder we have the second largest population in the world!

Slangs of Australia, no “Aussie”. Introducing: Brekkie

Australia has slangs or short forms or abbreviations of everything under the sun! It doesn’t spare anyone from humans to animals to things. Jonathan and John become Jono or Jon, Daniel becomes Dan, Jacob becomes Jay, Brittany becomes Brit, Matthew becomes Matt(my colleague kindly told me my colleague is NOT called Mat, as in floor Mat, its Matt with a double t) and so on. I am not sure if this name butchery is out of affection or for convenience or perhaps just out of habit. is starting a series of posts dedicated to Australia’s obsession with short forms calling it the ‘Aussie slang series.’ Here goes our first one- Brekkie. Not referring to breaking anything, rather it is short for Breakfast.

Babli would also like to share her observations of favourite Aussie breakfasts:

  • Vegemite – How someone can like it is quite beyond my understanding. It’s an acquired taste. For badla, I nominate our beloved Chavanprash! I am sure the reaction of someone eating either Vegemite or Chavanprash for the first time will be quite the same.
  • Banana Bread – Australia loves their banana bread. It is everywhere! Mind you though, it is not bread. It’s a cake in the shape of a bread.
  • Toast -Coming from Dubai, where you get amazing breakfast from cheap and healthy idli and dosa, to fancy high end blueberry pancakes or huge breakfast plates; when you see every other cafe selling ‘toast’ its quite ummm I guess disappointing. But Babli often grabs the sour dough or turkish bread for $3-4 when you can buy a whole loaf for that much. And coffee…how could I forget the coffee culture?

Signing off until the next time we bring you another Aussie slang.

Be Good, Do Good…Happy New Year

Happy New Year from No resolution this year- just some gyaan(i.e. wisdom). Be Good, Do Good.

Will be missing the 2018 Sydney Fireworks and gladly the 1 million people that will come along with it! News pe dekh lenge (Will see it on the news)

You can’t resist the coffee culture in Australia

In my first month in Aussie, ‘I am not a coffee person.’ After 3 months, every morning be like ‘Where is my coffee’

The coffee culture in Australia is so hard to resist. I wasn’t a coffee person before I came to Aussie. I love my chai (still do, but you don’t get karak chai everywhere like Dubai and cutting chai like India). But after a few months in Aussie, every morning I crave for my cuppa with my brekkie. Brekkie, for those who don’t know, is short for breakfast (Aussies love shortering or creating nick names). The cutest coffee is the Piccolo, a baby latte in those tiny cute cups. But my personal favourite is Mocha.


I don’t remember where I heard this as a kid. ‘I am not fat. I am pleasantly plump.’ This pretty much applies to me today after having a child and with the baby belly (atleast it’s not a beer belly;).

How to manage finances in Australia as immigrants?

Australia is freaking expensive! If you do plan to move here, save! A lot! Here is what you are up for:

High cost of living

When I moved here with my husband and toddler in mid April 2018 without jobs, I had to say pass to many little luxuries that I didn’t even have to think twice before swiping my credit card for in Dubai (fyi, I had a direct debit so the credit card was just for the

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